From the 31 July with the Opening Ceremony to the 8 August with the Sadhana

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EYF for Kids: Toddlers, Children and Teens

The European Yoga Festival is, at its heart, a family event for the whole community. We want your children to have an amazing experience …

What’s On 2022 ?

A Day at the Festival

The European Yoga Festival includes: Daily early morning yoga practice and meditation (sadhana) Daily Gurdwara programme Karma yoga small group meetings, in your language …

21 Stages of Meditation

As the deep meditation days have always been the heart of the festival, we will dive into the first journey of the 21 stages …

Theme and Vision for 2022

Together in person in 2022 Dearest Sangat, as French authorities have released more measures, the European Yoga Festival Management Team is happy to announce …