The European Yoga Festival is, at its heart, a family event for the whole community. We want your children to have an amazing experience of togetherness and fun and to make friends to last a lifetime!

Please keep in mind that your children remain your responsibility throughout the Festival, and that you are liable for them at all times. Our Youth Camps are staffed by energetic, inspired yogis – who are all volunteers. Please be kind to them, and understand that they are doing a huge job. For obvious reasons of health and safety (knowing any allergies), and to be able to properly welcome your child to the camp (knowing their language, name, etc) , you must register your child to the camp prior to dropping them off – regardless of their age.

As much as possible the children are divided into smaller language groups, so they are together with children who speak their language. We try to organise it so that the volunteer guides also speak the language of your child.

To best be able to serve a wide range of ages, we offer:

Programme for Toddlers (1-3)

Programme for Children (4-9)

Programme for Preteens (10-12)

Programme for Teens (13-18)

Basic Information

All you need to know in order to plan your festival with your toddlers, children and teens

  • Health and Safety
  • What to bring
  • Youth Camp Food
  • Special Programme
  • Parents Karma Yoga


ALL Registrations will take place ONLINE.

Upon your arrival at the European Yoga Festival, you have to check in your family into the Festival at the Registration Booth in the Welcome Area. There is a second registration with the Youth Camps, so that you can give specific information about your children directly to the Camp Coordinators.

It is important that your KIDS  are registered at their Camps right from the beginning of the festival. It helps us to plan the meals and the Program..


The Toddlers’ Camp is located in the South-East area of the Venue. It is important that you meet the Toddlers Camp Coordinator, Amanjot Kaur as soon as possible when you arrive to facilitate the organization of the week.


The Children Camp is located in the South-Est area of the Venue. You have to register your Kid online and when you arrive onsite please Register for Children’s camp at the Welcome area. Children receive a different bracelet from the adults – one that will have their language and your mobile number on it.

If you authorize your child to leave the children’s camp (this is only possible for pre-teens) during the day, we will give them a different coloured bracelet so that camp guides can identify this.

Please note that all KIDS must be registered for the Festival and for Children’s Camp at the main registration, and, from ages 4 upward, must participate in Children’s Camp. Exceptions are possible only after consultation with the Children ́s Camp coordinators and after signing a release form.

Parents are responsible for their Kids throughout the Festival – including if their children don’t show up in Children’s Camp or leave the group before the end of the programme.

Children cannot be signed up to Children’s camp for parents who are only attending the three days of White Tantric Yoga.


Teens have to register online and will get the same bracelet as adults at the Welcome area.

Registration for Teens’ Camp happens in the Teen’s Camp on the first two days of the festival. Teens must be registered for the camp to attend the outings if there are any organized.


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Basic information

On this page you will find all the information you need to plan the festival with your kids in the best conditions Health and …