On this page you will find all the information you need to plan the festival with your kids in the best conditions


Field trips for children’s and preteens’ camps happen on two of the three days of White Tantra or Intensive Practice Days. Parents are asked to attend one of these days to accompany their children. The children are brought by bus to a Park where they can enjoy outdoor fun and waterslides or to Récreation or Family Parc – another place of fun and play.

Please refer to the list of what to bring on field trip days.

We will go on ALL field trips, rain or shine. If you feel the weather is too bad for your children to join us, feel free to keep your children with you on that day.

Parents signed up for karma yoga on field trip days will have from 4 to 6 children under his/her responsibility. Please think about this seriously because it can become stressful if you are not prepared. Due to a limited amount of seats on the buses, parents may be asked to drive separately if there is shortage.


The Teens Camp, together with the Miri Piri Academy, may plan for a day of activities outside of the Festival. Everyone who is registered in the Teens’ Camp is welcome. Just make sure you have filled in and signed the Registration Form.

If you want to come and join in helping us to make the outing a great experience for the Teens and everyone involved or if you would like additional information – you are most welcome to meet us at the Teens’ Camp.


We do our utmost to care for all children in the community. We can only do this well when parents take full responsibility for the care of their children while at the Festival. This means:

  • Registering your Kid for the Youth Camp of their age
  • Providing the Youth Camp with all necessary information: your mobile number, where you plan to be, any special dietary or other needs of your Kid
  • Assuming your responsibility to show up for Karma Yoga in the Youth’s Camp that you signed up for, and fully participating in this.


If your child is sick and contagious, please do not bring them to children’s camp. We are not equipped to manage sick children. Any violation of this policy will be taken very seriously.

In Case of Emergency

Please notify the Group Leader of your location(s) during children’s camp and/or your mobile phone number in case of an emergency.


There are ticks in this region of France. (These can infect people bitten with borreolosis/Lyme disease, if it is not detected early.) It is very important to check your child for ticks and wash him or her thoroughly every day after camp. Ticks particularly burrow into the warm places on the body – check folds in behind the knees, the groin, armpits, etc. Children’s camp staff are unable to help in this matter, unless a child requests assistance. If you find a tick, either use special tick tweezers to remove it, or visit First Aid. Do not attempt to pull out or brush off a tick.


If you authorize your (Preteen) Kid to leave the Children’s Camp, we will give them a separate coloured bracelet, so that all youth guides are aware of this. Please notify the group leader if you give your children permission to leave.

Only preteens (10-12 years old) can be authorized to leave the Children’s Camp.


There are some areas of the camp that are not safe for Children to play without supervision: there is a generator behind the Big Top, two open areas of water (the larger lake beyond the sadhana field is a sewage treatment lake), and a bamboo forest in Teen’s camp.

Children are not permitted at any time to: play on delivery trucks, enter the lakes, go onto the stage in the Big Top or the Sadhana stage without supervision.

As parents, you are responsible and liable for your child throughout the Festival, and ensuring that your child knows what is off limits and respects the camp and its rules.



Please put the following in a backpack labeled with your child’s name. We suggest that you pack these things the evening before, as it might be very busy in the morning. All items need to be marked with your child’s name in permanent marker. Children’s camp is not responsible for any lost or broken items. There will be a “Lost and Found” under the Welcome sign in Children’s camp.

Backpack Items

  • Eating Utensils : Cup and Plate or bowl, cup and cutlery (clearly named) – we are aiming to reduce waste in Children’s camp by having children bring their dishes.
  • Water bottle (with name clearly marked on it)
  • Change of clothes for younger ones if necessary
  • Hat for the sun
  • If the weather is cool or raining : Warm sweater / jacket, rain gear, rubber boots or shoes.
  • Special snacks or food (if there is a food allergy or special diet)
  • Sunscreen lotion if desired

Packing List for Field Trips

  • Sun hat
  • Bottle with water
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Soft-soled shoes or very secure sports sandals (no flip flops)
  • If the weather is cool or raining: Warm sweater or jacket, rain gear, rubber boots or shoes
  • Special snacks or food (if food allergy or special diet)

Please note: Field trips happen whatever the weather! Please dress your child accordingly.


For breakfast and lunch, which we will be having at the Teen’s Camp site, please bring

  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Spoon

For the outing and the overnight stay you will need:

  • Jacket and Pullover, long sleeved clothing
  • Swim shorts, swimsuit, towel;
  • Toiletries (including sunscreen)
  • Sports shoes, sneakers;
  • Sleeping bag


Breakfast and dinner happen on the langar field with the whole camp (adults and children) together. The first few langar lines are for families and pregnant women, and children’s food will be served in these lines.

Breakfast (8:15, 8:00 on White Tantra Yoga or Intensive Meditation days): oranges, bananas, solstice soup (spicy potato soup). For children and pregnant women, there is also oat porridge (made with water, apple, banana) or millet porridge. We cannot guarantee that either is strictly gluten free (because they are prepared in a kitchen with other foods); so those with severe gluten allergies will need to supply their own food.

Please try to send your children to children’s camp with a full or semi-full stomach i.e. they shouldn’t be hungry when they arrive at camp.

Toddlers’/Children’s/Preteens’ Camp Meal Times are as follows:

  • Morning snack (10.00 am): fruit, bread, rice crackers, served with peanut butter, tahini, jam and honey. There is also  juice and yogurt available.
  • Lunch (12.15 pm): The lunch time meal for children is a healthy one prepared by the kitchen. Pasta or other grain and vegetables (with tomato sauce) – hearty food that the children enjoy.
  • Snack (3.30 pm): Watermelon is also served each day.

Lunch on White Tantric Yoga or Intensive Meditation days: Tantric Burgers, fruit, carrot sticks etc., yogurt, rice crackers, ice cream (on the field trips) and watermelon.

Please let us know if your child has any allergies or food intolerance.

Teens’ Camp Food

  • Breakfast/morning snack (10:15): (or rice crackers) and butter, marmalade, tahini, yogurt and cream cheese as well as apple juice and fruits.
  • Lunch (13.00): healthy food prepared by the kitchen and served in Teens’ camp – e.g., pasta or other grain and vegetables (with tomato sauce).
  • Snack (3:30): Watermelon
  • Dinner is taken on the Langar field altogether with the rest of the camp.
  • Evening snack (around 20:30): cookies


All parents must sign up for one full day in Youth camp as their Karma Yoga; they do not need to sign up for another Karma Yoga group. You will be asked to sign up for a day at the time you register your child for camp.

It is crucial for the smooth running of the camps that you attend the day you have signed up for, and stay from the beginning of the day right up until the end.

Please remember that when you are in Youth camp for Karma Yoga, that you are there to contribute to the wellbeing of all the youth there – not just to take care of your child.

  • Toddlers’ camp – parents are asked to do Karma Yoga for one day during 21 Stages of Meditation days
  • Children’s camp – one day throughout the camp; extra help is needed on 21 Stages of Meditation days
  • Preteens’ camp – one day throughout the camp; extra help is needed on 21 Stages of Meditation days
  • Teens’ camp – parents are asked to join the outing to Chateau Anand or for one of the field trips during 21 Stages of Meditation days