Teens’ Camp

The Teens’ camp programme is quite different from the programme of the other children. It provides a space for teens to be self-guided in their activities, as well as the structure for them to stretch beyond their usual boundaries.

The Teens’ camp programme includes: games, yoga, gatka workshops, juggling, rope-walking. In the afternoons there are outings, games or workshops.

In the evenings, we organise special workshops with international teachers (in the past, we’ve hosted Shiv Charan Singh, Satya Kaur, Mata Mandir Singh and Jai-Jagdeesh).

Teens’ camp is open until 22.00 to come together, hang out, play games.

The past few years, Teens’ camp has included a night away from the main camp, to give the teens some extra space and chance to grow. This has included adventure days, such as caving, hiking, slacklining…

Teenagers have the choice to join in with the White Tantra Yoga or Intensive Meditation days. Some teenagers like to join in one or more days. If this does not call to them, they can go on day trips to areas of interest nearby – in past years, this has included canoeing, high ropes courses, lake swimming…

We also encourage the teens as a group to get involved in some karma yoga for the whole camp – especially during the White Tantra Yoga or Intensive Meditation days.

Towards the end of the Festival, we have a Talent Show on the sadhana stage one evening. This is a chance to showcase the remarkable talents of people attending the festival – including our teens, who often offer up a song, and usually steal the show!


  • Teen’s Camp will open at 09:30.
  • From 16:30 until 19:00, it is closed for All Camp Dinner.
  • From 19:00 to 22:00 is the Teens’ evening program.

Teen’s Camp will be open until the Festival Dinner on Peace Prayer Day.