Together in person in 2022

Dearest Sangat, as French authorities have released more measures, the European Yoga Festival Management Team is happy to announce that all the previous measures are taken down.

Protective measures remain for you to wash your hands more often so we will provide more access to water at the new site.

Please remember that this is a live situation and that the conditions may change.

Thanks for your trust and patience.

So get ready! In the meantime we will keep you informed on all our platforms and the EYF new social media pages: Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to follow us !


Last year we began a cycle of themes exploring the virtues of each of the ten bodies. This year’s theme is about Togetherness as a  virtue associated with the second body, the Negative Mind.

Together we connect to the light of your soul, connect to the teachings, spreading peace, joy and healing

Together, we stand firm in the midst of storms and challenges.

In our current times, reconnecting physically to the family of yogis and yoginis, and supporting each other is precious and well needed after two years of online festivals. 

Rise up early to do yoga on the Sadhana field, engage in the karma yoga of your choice, come join for a golden milk at the bazaar, chant Kirtan in the Gurdwara and dive deep into the feeling of togetherness! 

Be in this unique, uplifting and nourishing vibration of the European Yoga Festival!