Kundal Ethical Yoga wear


Clothing of mindfulness: “wear awareness”

Kundal is a brand which creates clothes for yoga and well-being. Kundal clothes are ethically and

equitably produced in India in a family workshop I have collaborated with for quite a number of


Kundal has developed two main lines of clothes both eco friendly and respectful of environment.

Kundaline: organic clothing in certified GOTS* cotton combining 5% elastane for comfort and

allowing movement range.

Ayurline: clothes and accessories in organic cotton, tinted in vegetal dyes according to ancient

Ayurveda recipes and handwoven by a South Indian weavers’ cooperative.

Kundal offers men and women clothing as well as accessories (turban, yoga mats, meditation shawls,

relaxation blankets, malas…)

If you are teaching yoga, or if you are interested to sell the brand, Kundal disposes of an offer,available on request, to discover and spread the brand.

*Global Organic Textile Standard