Membership can be cancelled with membership dues refunded, if you apply in writing to by July 10.

Quiet time/ curfew

To help us all get up for sadhana, quiet time in the camp is from 21.45 each night (with the exception of Rockout night at the end of the Tantra, which is until 23.45).

Please respect these quiet times in the camp.

Mobile phones

We strongly encourage trying out a digital detox during the 8 days of the Festival.

If you must use your phone, please be discreet, respecting that the space of the festival is a sacred healing space.

If you wish to record workshops, it is good practice to check with the workshop leader and seek their permission in advance.

Please only charge phones at the designated mobile charging space, located next to Safeguards at the entrance to the Festival. Phones left charging in other spaces (particularly the Registration room, which is used for workshops during the Festival) will be removed and left at Safeguards. We recommend that you leave your laptops at home.


We encourage you to photograph your experience at the Festival and share this. We ask that you use your intuition as to what/when is appropriate to photograph, and what might be considered by others intrusive. Please remember that this is a sacred space, and a healing time for many, who might not want to be photographed. And please be sensitive about not photographing children. We wish to create a safe space for them to just BE at the camp, especially during the Tunnel of Love.

No flyers/ no posting

In order to create a visually peaceful event, and reduce paper waste, we operate a No Flyer policy at the Festival. It is not permitted to post postcards or posters anywhere on the Festival site, including handing out flyers to people on the sadhana field or leaving them on car windscreens in the car park.