New and ongoing initiatives to reduce the Festival’s impact

No flyers!

Already in 2019, we started a No Flyer policy at the festival, to reduce the amount of printing and paper that gets brought to (and often left at) the Festival. This proved a great success and we will continue this in the years to come. So please do not bring any flyers to the Festival.

Reflecting on this change, we started to think: what about no-flyers before the Festival? Last year, we printed 24,950 flyers to advertise the festival. This involves not only a lot of paper, but a lot of shipping to all the different European countries who disseminate our flyers either at White Tantra or via mail-outs. We didn’t feel good about so much paper use, and so this year have decided to switch to a digital only flyer.

We are already planning ways to reduce the paper in the Festival Programme for 2022…

Recycling of waste at the Festival

The Festival cares about minimising waste and recycling where possible. Last year, Children’s camp made a huge move away from disposable plates for snacks and lunch, to having each child bring their dishes, and having a washing up system in the Camp.

Fondjouan has a contract with Veolia, one of the leading waste management companies in Europe, that picks up all our waste, including recycling, and ensures it makes it into the right stream to be recycled/composted. This recycling contract ensures that recyclable waste actually does get recycled.

It is important all our waste makes it into the right bin: landfill, recycling, food waste. Please check the labels on the bins closely, to be sure what you are putting in is recyclable. You may even want to have two different small bins at your camping area, to more easily be able to separate landfill waste from recycling before you bring it to the bins.

More new developments to come as the Festival planning year progresses…!

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