Since our beginnings in 1978, we have been a vegetarian festival and everyone has brought their own dishes and cutlery; so much of the basis for the Festival has been low impact from the start.

However, the festival has grown in number, and recent years have shown us that more effort is needed from all of us. We know that many of us are making a conscious effort at home to be as low impact as possible on the planet – and the Festival should be an extension of this consciousness in community, so that the Festival is a continuation of the commitments we have already made in our daily lives at home, and a chance to inspire one another further.

With that in mind, we have created a new role: Eco-responsibility coordinator. Our Eco responsibility coordinator will help us critically analyse the true impact of the Festival, and what steps we can take through the whole organisation of the Festival to make this a more sustainable event. Some of these steps may be immediately visible to festival-goers, others will be more ‘behind the scenes’ (looking at sustainability of our suppliers, the fuel we use, etc). We are keen to make changes that will have true impact; not merely those that will look good on the surface.

We have already started with community surveys to get your views on what steps we could be taking to make the EYF more eco-conscious. If you would like to take part in our survey, please enter below:

If you would like to offer other feedback to help us make the EYF as sustainable as possible, please contact: