Before the Festival

  1. Consider what you bring to the Festival. If you are coming to the Festival for the first time, and don’t yet have a tent/sleeping bag, etc, consider either buying things you will re-use again, or borrowing what you need from friends, or rent a tent from the Festival.
  2. Avoid bringing waste (especially plastic!) to the Festival site. We have high quality drinking water available from the taps. Bring a water bottle to refill! There is no need to bring drinking water in plastic bottles.
  3. Make sure you bring your own dishes and cutlery, and cups for hot drinks and water bottle. You will need these for all meals, and you can also use them for evening snacks from the Bazaar, and for tea at the Yogi Tea bar or evening Golden Milk/Yogi Tea.
  4. Plan your travel to minimise carbon footprint. Travel is one of the areas that generates the biggest impact of the Festival. Consider taking the train, or if you are driving – do you have a free space to share with someone? You can offer a space, or ask for a space on the Festival’s Facebook page.

At the Festival

  1. Check the recycling bin labels carefully and recycle whatever can be recycled. If you are camping with your whole family, you may want to have separate small containers for landfill waste and recycling at your tent, so that you can more easily deposit things in the correct bin.
  2. Be mindful of your energy use. As yogis, we cultivate awareness of how we manage our personal energy. Why not extend this to your use of energy overall? We now offer a mobile charging station beside the Safeguards tent (at the entrance to the Festival). Help keep the queues at the charging station short by charging as little as possible. Be conscious of how you are using your phone on site, and try to have it either off or in airplane mode – you may be surprised at how little you need to charge it.
  3. Be mindful of your water use. In the past years, we have seen water shortages in the region where we hold the Festival. Please be sparing in your use of water. Keep showers short; wash your dishes in the dishwashing area (and not at the drinking water taps). We have dry/composting toilets around camp and in the forest – using these instead of the flush-toilets will save a lot of water!
  4. Please do not leave anything at the Festival site – if you brought it with you, bring it home!