Children’s and Preteens’

Field trips for children’s and preteens’ camp happen on two of the three days of White Tantra. Parents are asked to attend one of these days to accompany their children. The children are brought by bus to Lu Lu Park where they can enjoy outdoor fun and waterslides or to Récreation or Family Parc – another place of fun and play.

Please refer to the list of what to bring on field trip days.

We will go on ALL field trips, rain or shine. If you feel the weather is too bad for your children to join us, feel free to keep your children with you on that day.

Parents signed up for karma yoga on field trip days will have from 4 to 6 children under his/her responsibility. Please think about this seriously because it can become stressful if you are not prepared. Due to a limited amount of seats on the buses, parents may be asked to drive separately if there is shortage.

Teens’ Camp Field Trips

The Teens Camp, together with the Miri Piri Academy, has made an overnight trip to Chateau Anand, the home of the European Centre of Kundalini Yoga and had some convivial and uplifting activities and lots of fun canoeing, hiking, swimming and so on. We are also planning to go there in 2020.

There is no special requirement or extra cost for participating, everyone who is registered in the Teens’ Camp is welcome. Just make sure you have filled in and signed the Registration Form.

If you want to come and join in helping us to make the outing a great experience for the Teens and everyone involved or if you would like additional information – you are most welcome to meet us at the Teens’ Camp on Sunday at 18:00 for the Seva Meeting (or just pop by any other time).