We do our utmost to care for all children in the community. We can only do this well when parents take full responsibility for the care of their children while at the Festival. This means:

  • Registering your children for Youth Camp
  • Providing the Youth Camp with all necessary information: your mobile number, where you plan to be, any special dietary or other needs of your child
  • Assuming your responsibility to show up for Karma Yoga in the Children’s Camp that you signed up for, and fully participating in this.


If your child is sick and contagious, please do not bring them to children’s camp. We are not equipped to manage sick children. Any violation of this policy will be taken very seriously.

In case of Emergency

Please notify the Group Leader of your location(s) during children’s camp and/or your mobile phone number in case of an emergency.


There are ticks in this region of France. (These can infect people bitten with borreolosis/Lyme disease, if it is not detected early.) It is very important to check your child for ticks and wash him or her thoroughly every day after camp. Ticks particularly burrow into the warm places on the body – check folds in behind the knees, the groin, armpits, etc. Children’s camp staff are unable to help in this matter, unless a child requests assistance. If you find a tick, either use special tick tweezers to remove it, or visit First Aid. Do not attempt to pull out or brush off a tick.


If you authorise your (preteen) children to leave the Children’s Camp, we will give them a separate coloured bracelet, so that all youth guides are aware of this. Please notify the group leader if you give your children permission to leave.

Only preteens (10-12 years old) can be authorised to leave the Children’s Camp.


There are some areas of the camp that are not safe for Children to play without supervision: there is a generator behind the Big Top, two open areas of water (the larger lake beyond the sadhana field is a sewage treatment lake), and a bamboo forest in Teen’s camp.

Children are not permitted at any time to: play on delivery trucks, enter the lakes, go onto the stage in the Big Top or the Sadhana stage without supervision.

As parents, you are responsible and liable for your child throughout the Festival, and ensuring that your child knows what is off limits and respects the camp and its rules.