Once you have checked your family in to the Festival at Registration (Pre-registration or On-site registration), there is a second registration with the Youth Camps, so that you can give specific information about your children directly to the Camp coordinators.

It is important that your children are registered right from the beginning of the festival. Amongst other things, it helps us to plan the meals for the children and teens.

Toddlers’ Camp

Registration is in the Toddlers camp – located behind the main Registration building.

Children’s Camp and Preteens

When you arrive onsite to register, you will find a separate table in the main Registration room for Children’s camp registration. Please register your child here for the camp.

Children receive a different bracelet from the adults – one that will have their language and your mobile number on it.

If you authorise your child to leave the children’s camp (this is only possible for pre-teens) during the day, we will give them a different coloured bracelet so that camp guides can identify this.

Please note that all children must be registered for the Festival and for Children’s Camp at the main registration, and, from ages 4 upward, must participate in Children’s Camp. Exceptions are possible only after consultation with the Children ́s Camp coordinators and after signing a release form.

Parents are responsible for their children throughout the Festival – including if their children don’t show up in Children’s Camp or leave the group before the end of the programme.

Children cannot be signed up to Children’s camp for parents who are only attending the three days of White Tantric Yoga.


Teens will get the same bracelet as adults at the main registration.

Registration for Teens’ Camp happens in the Teen’s Camp (across the courtyard from the main registration) on the first two days of the festival. Teens must be registered for the camp to attend the outings.