Children’s and Preteens Camp

Please put the following in a backpack labelled with your child’s name. We suggest that you pack these things on the evening before, as it might be very busy in the morning. All items need to be marked with your child’s name in permanent marker. Children’s camp is not responsible for any lost or broken items. There will be a “Lost and Found” under the Welcome sign in Children’s camp.

  • Eating Utensils : Cup and Plate or bowl, cup and cutlery (clearly named) – we are aiming to reduce waste in Children’s camp by having children bring their dishes.
  • Water bottle (with name clearly marked on it)
  • Change of clothes for younger ones if necessary
  • Hat for the sun
  • If the weather is cool or raining : Warm sweater / jacket, rain gear, rubber boots or shoes.
  • Special snacks or food (if there is a food allergy or special diet)
  • Sunscreen lotion if desired

Packing List for Field Trips

  • Sun hat
  • Bottle with water
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Soft-soled shoes or very secure sports sandals (no flip flops)
  • If the weather is cool or raining: Warm sweater or jacket, rain gear, rubber boots or shoes
  • Special snacks or food (if food allergy or special diet)

Please note: Field trips happen whatever the weather! Please dress your child accordingly.

Teens’ Camp

For breakfast and lunch, which we will be having at the Teen’s Camp site, please bring

  • Bowl
  • Cup
  • Spoon

For the outing and the overnight stay you will need:

  • Jacket and Pullover, long sleeved clothing
  • Swim shorts, swimsuit, towel;
  • Toiletries (including sunscreen)
  • Sports shoes, sneakers;
  • Sleeping bag