We have a wonderful time: we go outside of Paris to a beautiful castle, we have a good Yoga Festival there, and the funny part of that which I enjoy there is that I have to speak in my simple English and it is translated in five or six languages, because there is somebody who doesn’t know anything else than French, somebody has only Dutch, somebody is this, somebody is that… It’s a lot of fun! Europe is a very amazing community. Yogi Bhajan

Language and translation during the festival

The Festival is truly a multicultural – and multi-lingual – celebration. While the main language of the Festival is English, the Karma Yoga Misl groups are organised by language. There are German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and International (English) Misls.

The All Camp workshops and White Tantric Yoga have live translation into all the main languages of the Festival (German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese). At the Opening Ceremony, we will show a map of where the language groups sit under the Big Top – if you need translation, be sure to sit in the right language area to be near your translator!

Morning Sadhana and Evening Yoga are taught in English.

The Morning Workshops and Evening Study Groups are taught in English. If you need translation, you can arrange during your morning Misl meetings to go there together with someone from your Misl group who can translate.

As yogis, we can tune in on many levels to communication – verbal and non-verbal, so allow yourself to relax and trust it will all work out!