The Red Tent is part of a global Red Tent movement led by thousands of women who share a vision of healing and transforming the world.

The Red Tent is an ancient practice, to bring us back to much that has been disregarded in recent millennia. It is an observance of the laws of Nature, the needs of women as well as a space for healing through the honouring of the Divine Feminine. The Red Tent is a communal space exclusive to women, for regeneration on many levels: physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual.

Yogi Bhajan always reminded women how important it is to rest on the first few days of their menstruation. He also encouraged women to take the so-called “peanut hour” where they would gather, chat and talk while eating peanuts.

Being in the space of the Festival can bring on your period when you weren’t expecting it, bring up emotions, bring unexpected challenges…our Red Tent has a team of sevadars to help hold a space of self care, sisterhood, and peace and quiet. Menstrual products are available at the Red Tent.

The Red Tent hosts a lively morning workshop programme on topics lead by women, for the empowerment and inspiration of our sisters.