There is a limited possibility to receive a half or full discount on the festival cost (on the normal camping price; this does not include the cost for rooms) by participating in Work Exchange.

These jobs often start a day before the Festival (see descriptions by area for more information). Please go to Staff registration on your first day to get checked in.

Work Exchange jobs are more time-consuming than the normal Karma Yoga of the festival and in most cases, you will miss parts of the programme – but this does not mean you will miss out on the Festival experience.

Work Exchange Areas

  • Hospitality

    Languages needed: Fluency in english is required and fluency in french and/or german is also beneficial.
    Desirable skills: calm, courteous and welcoming. Ability in vegetarian cooking, driving, creating a beautiful space.

    Description of work: In the Hospitality Misl, we work in the chateau providing service for the facilitators of White Tantra and their guests. Duties include cooking, shopping, driving, room set up, tantric stage set up and laundry.

    One of the biggest challenges in working in the Hospitably Misl is being somewhat removed from the rest of the Festival. This could be especially challenging if this is your first time attending the festival.

    All hospitality staff are required to arrive the evening of the day before the festival starts.
    The following jobs are available:

    • 1 cook: specialized on vegetarian cuisine, working 8 h daily, one day Tantra is possible (100 % discount).
    • 2 drivers: working 4 h daily or equivalent, two days Tantra are possible.
    • 4 people: 4h a day for breakfast, lunch, dinner or room service, two days Tantra are possible.
    • 1 person: preparing and reorganizing the Tantra stage before and after Tantra, 2 days tantra is possible. (50% discount)
    • 1 person:room set up, laundry and assistance in the other areas. 2 days tantra is possible (50% discount)
    • 1 person:shopping for food and other needed supplies. Working 8 hours daily, one day tantra possible (100% discount)

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For questions, contact:

  • Kitchen

    Please apply only if:

    • you are able to lift heavy pots,
    • you can bear working in high temperatures,
    • you can arrive one day before the Festival for the first meeting,
    • you can assist the inventory in the last day,
    • you are willing to participate in daily meetings.

    Description of work: The work in the kitchen is hard but fun! It requires endurance, flexibility, commitment and openness to cooperate with others.

    You can have 25% or 50% percent of discount and you work one or two shifts accordingly. Shifts last approximately 2 hours.

    If you work in the kitchen, you can participate in White Tantric Yoga, but you have to work in some of the breaks.

    Besides your daily shift, we will have meetings every morning that are more about team building, getting to know each other, having fun and also discussing all the practical issues around the work itself.

    You need to arrive the day before the Festival, and be able to stay for the final inventory on the last day of the Festival to be part of this work exchange group.

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For questions, contact:

  • Grounds and Maintenance

    Languages needed: You must be able to communicate in English. Any other language will also be helpful.

    Desirable skills: You do not need to be an engineer, nor even a handyman. You do need to be ready to serve and be happy to help. If you possess an additional technical skill, such as electrician, carpenter or plumber, the maintenance team is definitely the place for you.

    Description of work: The Maintenance team works in the background of the Festival and helps keep everything running smoothly. We assist the different camps with technical issues, we provide support and manpower, we solve problems, we build and repair stuff. We are available and ready, and we make sure no disruptions endanger the seamless experience of the participants.

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For questions, contact:

  • Misl Leader

    Misl Leader

    Languages needed: All languages of the misl groups plus English (Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, English for the International groups).

    Desirable skills: This job is for yoga teachers who have attended the Yoga Festival at least once and have participated in a misl group and in the karma yoga activity. Misl leaders should be friendly, positive and have an inspiring attitude towards karma yoga. They should be flexible and have some organizations skills.

    Description of work: Every Morning from 10:00 -11.15 am you will lead your misl (organised by language group and karma yoga). You will create a family atmosphere within the misl, share important information from the Festival coordination, and coordinate the karma yoga activity of your group.

    The misl leader will be given a seva description which contains all the required information about their karma yoga task.
    During dinner there is a misl leader meeting for misl group feedback and for sharing the experience of being a misl leader. It is also a time for passing on important festival information, i.e. change of timetable, activities, etc…

    Misl leaders need to arrive at the festival one day earlier for a general orientation and meeting (4 pm) with all the misl leaders.

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For questions, contact:

  • Registration

    Languages needed: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian.

    Desirable skills: Patience, administration skills, good with numbers, service attitude, welcoming, manage stress well.

    Description of work: The work of registration consists of processing people who have either paid their membership fee in advance or who are paying at the Yoga Festival. People who have paid in advance have received a membership-number by which they can be verified and identified. People who are paying for their membership on-site have to go through the whole procedure of registering themselves with all their personal details. Payment methods are cash, credit card, EC card and French cheques. Each sevadar keeps track of the people that he or she has registered and consolidates the records by the end of the day before handing them in to the Finance Office.

    Arrival by midday the day before the Festival starts, as registration starts by 2pm on Friday till the evening of Friday. Registration will continue all of Saturday, with short breaks in which food will be provided. After Saturday the work will be divided into two shifts: one after breakfast and one after dinner. You can sign up for different shifts (this is coordinated by the Head of Registration).

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For questions, contact:

  • Rooms

    Languages needed: English and French or Spanish or German or Italian or Russian

    Desirable skills: able to arrive a day or two early, good communication, friendly and polite (but firm if need be), organised, calm under stressful situations

    Description of work: ensure rooms and tents are ready, check in people with room and tent reservations (this involves lists and handling money), handle any situations that may arise with rooms/tents.

    This work involves arriving a day before the Festival begins.

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For any questions, contact:

  • Safeguards

    Languages needed: required English, optional French and German

    Desirable skills: No previous security experience is necessary, training will be provided. We ask that you are enthusiastic, positive, reliable, punctual, flexible, considerate, courteous and work harmoniously with others.

    Description of work: The primary duties of the Safeguard Team are to staff the camp entrance, co-ordinate the flow of traffic (both pedestrians and vehicles) in and out of the camp, patrol the entire camp, maintain order in the parking areas, support the safeguarding of electronic devices and provide rapid assistance in the event of an emergency. As member of the Safeguard team your contribution is key to holding the space for a peaceful and joyous camp experience for all.
    Safeguard team members will be expected to rotate among the different posts. This is the only team that operates 24 hours, which gives you a great opportunity to complete your exchange hours while no camp activities are taking place. You may be positioned at the Front Gate, car park entrance or walking around the camp patrolling the Bazaar and camping areas. We are the first people who participants see as they arrive on-site and are highly visible in camp while on shift; the priority is to be welcoming, knowledgeable, and competent. You must be able to give clear instructions and hold boundaries regarding parking, badge display, mobile phone storage and other security concerns. Members who are accepted and register for the team must be willing to wear the security vests and operate a radio during their shifts.

    Submission of this application indicates that you agree to your allocated work hours at the festival, attend necessary training and briefing, adhere to safety and safeguarding policies, comply with ALL camp rules and regulations and are willing and able to uphold them.

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For any questions, contact:

  • Teens Camp

    Language needed: fluent English required, additional language helpful.

    Desirable skills: Experience in working with teenagers, caring and service orientated, committed to support, protect and uplift. Must be able to arrive the day before the Festival starts.

    Work description:
    We, the staff of the Teens’ Camp, are responsible for setting up the Camp in such a way that it serves the teens, the parents and the festival as a whole.

    Our ambition is to make the Teens’ Camp a place where the teenagers can experience themselves, their creativity and their communication from different perspectives supported by the group energy, the natural environment and yogic practice and wisdom.

    This requires a strong commitment and reliability to guarantee the smooth running of our programme. We set up the structure and the schedule in the team together before the official beginning of the festival. According to the amount of work exchange chosen, everyone is personally responsible to stick to the agreement made beforehand. In return every member of the staff gets free space to enjoy the festival on his/her own. The participation in White Tantric Yoga is guaranteed for one day, in the last years it has even been possible to participate for two days for those who wished.

    Every morning we will meet before 8 A.M for a group meditation and then have breakfast together at the Teens’ Camp.

    In the last two years Teens’ camp has spent two days overnight at Chateau Anand. We will see if this can also happen this year. It is a great opportunity to get to know this exceptional location and to experience the company and the conviviality of the young Sangat. Your participation and mobility is highly appreciated – and required.

    The Teens’ Camp closes in the evening of Peace Prayer Day (last day of the Festival), all the equipment needs to be taken care of and properly stored for next year’s Festival. It is planned to have a final get together after the All Camp Dinner for reflection and a meditation to close.

    To work in Teens’ camp, it is necessary to arrive by Friday evening (day before the Festival) at 5 P.M. for our first meeting (which takes place at the Teens’ Camp). The second meeting is on Saturday after the Set Up beginning at 8 A.M. The Teens’ Camp opens at 3 P.M.

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For questions, contact:

  • Toddlers’ Camp

    Languages needed: German, English, French, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Chinese

    Desirable skills:  Experience in working with toddlers is preferable, however not essential. Being a parent counts as experience. Main thing is your love for the children and toddlers, your willingness to be with them, play with them and be a reliable and sound carer.

    Description of work:
    Playing, serving food, clearing away, changing nappies, tidying up toys and space, being attuned to the children’s needs.

    We are unable to accept Work Exchange from parents who will have their own toddlers present at the Festival.

    We can offer Full Time Work Exchange (8 people) or Part time Work Exchange (2 people).

    When you commit to Full Time (working daily 8.30am-4.30pm and 8.30am-1.30pm on Peace Prayer Day) you can benefit from:

    • 100% discounted entry to the festival
    • 1 day of White Tantra
    • late workshop every day (after 4 pm)
    • 1 Full workshop on Peace Prayer Day

    When you commit to Part Time (working daily 8.30 am-11am apart from Peace Prayer Day, helping Set-up and Take-down) you can benefit from:

    • 50% discounted entry to the festival
    • 3 days of tantra
    • daily workshops

    * If you have games/toys/books in various languages you’d like to donate, toddlers camp as well as children camp would be glad to receive it.

    To apply, please fill out the form above.

    For any questions, contact:

  • Other Areas
    Childrens Camp Balprem Kaur
    Children’s Kitchen Nirvair Singh
    First Aid Hari Har Singh
    Food Coordination Jap Dharam Kaur
    Gurdwara Fateh Singh
    Info Tent tba
    Karma Yoga Kartar Singh
    Luggage Balwant Kaur
    Set Up Jerome Dufell
    Sound & Light Manou Ribeiro sound&

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