The European Yoga Festival is primarily a camping event. The price of camping is included in the price of the festival (you bring your own tent, mattress and bedding). There is no need to reserve a spot for your tent. When you arrive, you can walk around the site and choose where you’d like to camp.

There are a limited number of locations for caravans. These locations do not offer services like water, sewage disposal or electricity. Please speak to security at the main gate when you arrive. They will direct you towards the caravan parking.

Dorm beds

A limited number of beds in dormitories is made available to the festival by the management of Domaine de Fondjouan. There are two women’s large dormitories (40+ beds) and one men’s large dormitory (20 beds). The mattresses in the men’s dormitory are roll-up mats on the floor.

Beds are not assigned, it is first come, first served.

There are also a few smaller dormitories (4-6 beds, bunk beds) reserved mainly for families and groups. 

In all dormitories, blankets, sheets, pillows and towels are included.

Rental Tents

If you are not able to bring your own tent, it is also possible to rent a tent for yourself or your group as long as our supply lasts. A camping pad is included in the rental fee, but no bedding. If needed, you can reserve a sleeping bag to be bought upon arrival.

The cost is as follows: 50€ per adult, 30€ per teen, 10€ per child under 12.  


Bed in large Dormitory (50 beds) Adult  € 90
  Teen € 70
  Child € 55
Bed in smaller Dormitory Rooms (4-6 beds) Adult € 130
  Teen € 100
  Child € 80
Tent rental (incl camping pad, not bedding)Adult€50

Important: beds and tents can only be rented for the full duration of the Festival.

No early arrivals or late departures allowed.

If you have questions about accommodation, please contact:

Regístrate para una habitación, cama o tienda de acampar

Rellena esto para el festival your online registration form and payment 3HO Europa te enviará un mail con el número de referencia del pago. …