Due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we will not be opening registration for the Festival until at least 1 March 2021. It is our prayer that we can meet in person again this year; in the meantime, we are working on several contingency plans. We will update the website regularly to keep you informed.


3HO Europe is a members organisation; our primary event of the year is the European Yoga Festival in France. Membership in 3HO Europe includes participation in the Yoga Festival (including all workshops, White Tantric Yoga, camping and meals for the duration of the Yoga Festival), as the annual gathering of 3HO Europe, as well as the 3HO Europe Newsletter. Membership in 3HO Europe does not include membership in the national Kundalini Yoga Teacher Associations or national 3HO Associations.

Membership is valid from July 1st, until July 1st of the next year.

3HO Europe

3HO Europe is a recognized non-profit organization founded to promote the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Yogi Bhajan in Europe.

3HO Europe Membership Renewal Rates (incl. European Yoga Festival 2021)

Normal   Early bird (10% discount)
Adult    490 € 441 €
Student  385 €  346,50 €
Teen  265 € 238,50 €
Child   150 €   135 €

In order to receive the Early bird registration price you must register before June 30 and pay before June 30 with Paypal or Bank. 

If you are interested in work exchange – First complete your online registration and payment. Then get in contact with one of the area coordinators as soon as possible (and before June 30). You will need your registration number. 

  • If you wish to pre-register online, please go to registration online (Link will be active from 1 March 2021)
  • Please note: it is only possible to register online from 1 March, 2021 until July 10, 2021. After that, registration is only possible in person at the Yoga Festival Site. 
  • For overseas participants (from Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, USA, and a few other countries) an additional overseas discount of 20% from the Normal price is possible (see registration procedure). This discount is off the normal price and does not apply to the early bird price; the discount is still available if registering on site at the Festival.
  • It is not possible to pay per day at the festival except for the days of White Tantric, which costs 150 € per day.
  • For information on rooms, dorms, and tents see
  • For cancellation, see
  • For information on work exchange, see
  • For information on selling in bazaar, see
  • If for whatever reason you cannot register online, please send us an email at info@europeanyogafestival.eu and we will send you a form to fill out.


Membership can be canceled with membership dues refunded, if you apply in writing to info@europeanyogafestival.eu by July 10.