Yogi Bhajan’s teachings have inspired many in the most creative ways. Numerous vendors come every year to the European Yoga Festival’s bazaar to present all manner of things to support you in your practice – including: teaching materials, healing techniques, clothing, and crafts. There is also a healing area in the bazaar, where you can book a massage or other holistic treatment (this area is open throughout the day).

Information for sellers and healers

If you want to participate as a vendor or healer at the bazaar of the European Yoga Festival, apply here between March 1st until May 15th. It is best to apply early, as we cannot guarantee a space. Apply in english!

To sell at the bazaar you must also be registered at the EYF and have paid your registration fees in addition to your bazaar fees.

Apply for a space in the bazaar (or for any specific queries) please email us, in English: bazaar@europeanyogafestival.eu

Register for the European Yoga Festival

Bazaar Policies

Products and services in alignment with the teachings of Yogi Bhajan can be sold at the European Yoga Festival bazaar, such as:

  • Products related to the 3HO lifestyle and Kundalini Yoga
  • Handicrafts and jewelry
  • Clothing
  • Musical instruments
  • Healing treatments
  • Food and beverages with prior approval only – contact bazaar@europeanyogafestival.eu

We will limit the number of vendors who sell the same type of product to keep the variety of the bazaar and not saturate the market. Please inquire when you register if your category is still available.

Please understand that the bazaar is not only a business but a service we give to the community of which the vendor is a part, therefore it is strongly encouraged for vendors to actively participate in the yoga, workshops, and sign up for Karma Yoga of the festival.

Opening hours for the bazaar are 17:00 – 22:00.

During Peace Prayer Day (the last full day of the Festival) the bazaar is open all day.