Music is a key part of our practice – whether it be songs to wake up to, to meditate with, to elevate our karma yoga, or kirtan.

At the European Yoga Festival, we have live music for sadhana each morning, live music for the healing meditation in the evening, and live music concerts on several evenings. Most of this is arranged ahead of the Festival, though we always try to leave a little room for spontaneous ‘happenings’, and there is a lot of collaboration amongst musicians at the Festival. (There is also live music for the Gurdwara, which is planned separately, and at the Festival. If you want to get involved in Music for the Gurdwara, please see Gurdeva Kaur at the Gurdwara at the Festival, to let her know you are available.)

To indicate your interest in being part of the music programme of the Festival, please fill in this form before 15 April. NB aanmelden in formulier verderop in het Engels!

Please note that sharing your music at the European Yoga Festival is a pure seva – a pure sharing from the heart. There is no payment for musicians or work exchange for this. All music shared at the Festival is within the tradition of mantras and Shabd Guru as part of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and/or Sikh Dharma.

If you have questions about this process, please contact: Apply in English.

Music Programme Application

  • this will be used in the Programme in the case of Evening music programme; and it will help us to put a face to your name!
    Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, gif.
  • Include country code (eg +49)
  • (Year)
  • (ie, any times you are NOT available to play) (Keep in mind that the more you limit your availability, the more difficult it is for us to fit you in the programme. We regret that we cannot accommodate scheduling limits that you do not inform us of at the time of applying.)
  • Many thanks for sharing your music with us!

    We will let you know as soon as we can if you will be in this year’s programme.

    Please know that every year we receive far more applications than we have slots. If we aren’t able to fit you in, there are many other opportunities for music: supporting teachers at their workshops, in Gurdwara, and in the Music Misl, which plays the morning wake-up song each morning and plays for the Karma Yoga teams as they do their karma yoga. You can sign up for Music Misl when you complete your registration.

As long as your songs live, you will live and everything will come to you. As long as you sing your songs, you will cut through all clouds of destiny. These songs have been given to you. Sing them as a human and God will walk behind you. Yogi Bhajan