The European Yoga Festival is, at its heart, a family event for the whole community. We want your children to have an amazing experience of togetherness and fun and to make friends to last a lifetime!

Please keep in mind that your children remain your responsibility throughout the Festival, and that you are liable for them at all times. Our Youth Camps are staffed by energetic, inspired yogis – who are all volunteers. Please be kind to them, and understand that they are doing a huge job. For obvious reasons of health and safety (knowing any allergies), and to be able to properly welcome your child to the camp (knowing their language, name, etc) , you must register your child to the camp prior to dropping them off – regardless of their age.

As much as possible the children are divided into smaller language groups, so they are together with children who speak their language. We try to organise it so that the volunteer guides also speak the language of your child.

To best be able to serve a wide range of ages, we offer:

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★Children’s Camp (ages 4-11)

The children really enjoy the beautiful children’s camp space where they can freely play together in nature. For their amusement, we have a large …

Preteens’ Camp (ages 10-12)

Preteens’ camp meets in the same area as the Children’s camp, but has their own programme and their own Coordinator and guides leading the …

★Youth camp food

Breakfast and dinner happen on the langar field with the whole camp (adults and children) together. The first few langar lines are for families …