New and ongoing initiatives to reduce the Festival’s impact

No flyers!

Few years back, we started a No Flyer policy at the festival, to reduce the amount of printing and paper that gets brought to (and often left at) the Festival. This proved a great success and we will continue this in the years to come. So please do not bring any flyers to the Festival. This year’s programme will only be in digital: you can print your own at home.We will also make sure some will be displayed all around the camp.

Recycling of waste at the Festival

The Festival cares about minimising waste and recycling where possible.3 years ago, Children’s camp made a huge move away from disposable plates for snacks and lunch, to having each child bring their dishes, and having a washing up system in the Camp.

Jambville is very conscious about their recycling. Our Greener Fest manager will share with you prior to the EYF the guidelines for a greener Festival.