Since 1978 the EYF have welcomed thousands of people, who wanted to dive deeper into Kundalini Yoga, to explore and celebrate body, mind and soul through openhearted connection, presence, sound and meditation, inspiring each other on the path.

For 8 days, we come together to raise our individual and collective consciousness and energy.

A bit of history

In 1977 the European Yoga Festival was held hor the first time in France.

It is a time to meet teachers from all over the world, peers and friends, and was indeed a rare opportunity in Europe.

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3HO Europe

To learn more about 3HO Europe and the amazing amount of work it provides to support the European Community, see their website:


52 hectares of forests and meadows to experience, explore, be together and connect. The capacity to host 20.000 people…


Château de Jambville

1 rue de Tilleuls – 78 440 Jambville – France

Ethics, Codes of Excellence and Eco Conscious

Ethics and Eco Consciousness are the main values of the European Yoga Festival. Each year we work on bringing the Festival more Eco-Friendly through the choices of materials we choose…

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Ethics, Codes of Excellence and Eco Conscious

Please read more about the Ethics and Consciousness we apply at the European Yoga Festival and see the websites linked below for further information. …


Our 2022 Edition of the European Yoga Festival will take place in Domaine de Jambville. A beautiful village in the Vexin countryside, just one …

EYF Teams

A bit of history

The tradition of the Summer festival It is the brightest fire of the year, June 21; the longest day; the shortest night; a time …