The European Yoga Festival is managed in the pure Aquarian Age tradition by a Team that holds the values and the vision of the festival.


Production Manager ​​​of the European Yoga Festival

​Dancer and Instructor of American Tribal Style *ATS©, Kundalini Yoga, and The Chakra Balance System©. I have also  practiced martial arts for more than 20 years. The encounters with Tibetan, Hindu, and Sikh tradition Masters lead me to humbly guide meditation and self development groups to encourage the return to inner listening, self healing and the original vibration of our cells.
​My first Kundalini Yoga class was in my teens, I decided to take the teacher training 3 decades later. In between I practiced, experienced, transcended.

Andrea Bhavdeep Kaur

Program Coordinator ​of the European Yoga Festival

Psychologist and therapist, Professional Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer, member of the mantra Band „Jap“, I am happy to join the EYF team and to share my passion for the festival, the unique spirit, that is ignited and shared there and to create a safe space for everybody to grow and glow, as it has been for me since i have first participated 14 years ago.

Vadha Raam Kaur

Outreach manager

I am from Germany and have lived in a number of countries before settling down in the beautiful Provence in France some 5 years ago. 
WIth my partner, I run the Kundalini Yoga Ashram 3HO Europe La Fontaine, I am a level 1 and 2 certified KY teacher, and I am excited to join the EYF management team to contribute in making this festival the amazing experience – or even better – it has been for me since I came the first time almost 10 years ago!

Siri Kartar Kaur

Administration ​​​​of the European Yoga Festival

Kundalini Yoga practitioner since 2000. Kundalini Yoga teacher training 1+2; Sat Nam Rasayan training 1+2.
Participant in the annual Festival in France since 2002.
Festival Administrator since 2007  
I am happy to be part of this great family that has set out to develop a refined consciousness. 
It is my honor to support this community through my work.​

Jasdeep Singh

Chief Financial Officer ​​​​of the European Yoga Festival

I was born into a Punjabi Sikh family in England but was always inspired by 3HO as a teenager. Once at University I finally had the chance to practice Kundalini Yoga and it was life transforming for me. A lot of the poetry I have written is inspired from this period of my life, and now published in several books. I’ve always worn many hats (or turbans) as my degree is in Management & Strategy, I work as a software developer, I’m qualified as a hypnotherapist and a psychotherapist, and I’ve completed various leadership training from Dale Carnegie and Landmark Education. I’ve also run my own business for several years and held positions with a number of charities including the Guru Ram Das Project,  all of which has helped me better understand finances and accounting. But I now look forward to my adventure with 3HO Europe

Siri Sant Kaur

Liaison between the EYF Management Team
​and 3HO Europe’s Board

I first went to the European Yoga festival in 1998 and missed it only twice since then.
I always worked as a sevadar occupying different positions such as:
Toddlers camp, Children’s camp, Hospitality, Bazaar coordinator. So I guess saying I know the field is fair. Being able to understand the challenges on both sides adds a value to my assisting the Management team.