The European Yoga Festival is your festival

Since 1978 teachers from all over the world have come to share the Kundalini Yoga teachings and much more.

You can apply to take part in the programme

Teach at the Festival

There are many opportunities to teach and share – if you feel inspired, follow the links for each section


Share the teachings in the Morning or in the Afternoon Workshops time


Lead part of the Aquarian Age Sadhana, share the stage with your peers

Evening Yoga

Everyday in the Sadhana Field a class for the whole festival participants

Musicians Opportunities

Music is a big part of the Kundalini Yoga Practice, as a musician, you have multiple opportunities to play or support other musicians

Music Missel

Each morning, wake up the participants by chanting and playing around the festival’s camp


Each day the Aquarian Age Sadhana Meditations are lead by a different group of musicians


Each day there is a celebration at the Gurdwara and musicians have the opportunity to play Kirtan

Evening Program

Each evening in the Sadhana Field the participants gather for the last meditative concert of the day

Work Exchange

The European Yoga Festival is co-created by a Management Team, a Coordinators Team, Teachers, Musicians and You. There are several opportunities to serve either as a Karma Yogi or by applying for a Work Exchange position

  • Registration (Karma Yoga-Info Booth-Welcome Team-Luggage)
  • Rooms and Tents
  • Kitchen (Dinner service-Food Coordination-Children Kitchen)
  • Kids (Toddlers Camp-Children Camp-Teen Camp)
  • Grounds (Set Up-Safety-MaintenanceEco sustainability)
  • Health Awareness (First Aid-Covid-19 mesures)
  • Missel Leaders
  • Gurdwara
  • Sound And Light

Join the Bazaar

Bring your beautiful treasures and sell at the European Yoga Festival Bazaar.

Please send an email to the Bazaar Coordinator, Levi Sat Baksheesh –

Join the Bazaar

The Practice of Kundalini Yoga has inspired many in the most creative ways. Numerous vendors come every year to the European Yoga Festival’s bazaar …

Work Exchange

There is a limited possibility to receive a discount on the festival cost (on the normal camping price only (Early Bird or Normal Price); this …

Musicians Opportunities

Musicians Opportunities Music is a key part of our practice Whether it be songs to wake up to, to meditate with, to elevate our …

Teaching at the Festival

There are several areas to offer teachings during the European Yoga Festival. All the Programme is built around the Kundalini Yoga Teachings and the …