There are several areas to offer teachings during the European Yoga Festival. All the Programme is built around the Kundalini Yoga Teachings and the schools that have bloomed from it. Early morning for Sadhana, Morning Workshops, Afternoon Workshops, and Evening Yoga are offered by teachers from all over Europe and around the world. New faces and Masters from the first era share the same stage with the same purpose. This is one of the main symbols of the European Yoga Festival.

Thank you for your interest, the application for teaching a workshop at European Yoga Festival are now close we would be happy if you apply next year.

If you feel the call to teach, follow the links below for more information on how to apply.


Share the teachings in the Morning or in the Afternoon Workshops time


Lead part of the Aquarian Age Sadhana, share the stage with your peers

Evening Yoga

Everyday in the Sadhana Field a class for the whole festival participants

Teach at Sadhana or the Evening Yoga

Teaching Yoga (at Sadhana or Evening Yoga) at the European Yoga Festival Sadhana under the stars with over 1500 participants, and the Evening Yoga …

Teach a Workshop

Thank you for your interest in teaching at the European Yoga Festival. The wide variety of workshops offered each year form an integral part …