Dear Kundalini Yogis, here is looots of information to help you plan your Festival, please read through and contact us if you have questions or need support for your registration process.

On this page you will find acces to

  • How to get there
  • What to bring
  • Covid Mesures
  • Accomodation
  • Ticket Prices
  • FAQ
  • Level 1 Teacher Training Certification Requirement

How to get there

► Direction

► Map

► About the Venue

What to bring

► Plan for weather – Mobiles and Wifi – Essentiales to bring

► For Camping – For Meals – For Sadhana – For Workshops – Children’s Camp

► Clothing – Hygiene

► and What NOT to Bring


► Camping

► Rental Tents

► Dorms

► Rooms

Covid-19 Measures

Sanitary Protocol, Tests, etc…


Level 1 Teacher Training

Certification Requirement

(First Journey of 21 Stages of Meditation)

Coming Soon

Level 1 Teacher Training Certification Requirement

If you are in a Level 1 Teacher Training program and want to get the necessary requirement of the attendance of one day of …


Here are the most asked questions, we hope you will find the information you are looking for here or in the different pages, if …

Covid Measures

Important info on the Covid-19 measures at the EYF The European Yoga Festival Management Team named a Health Awareness Coordinator to monitor the Covid-19 …


Register for a Room, Bed, or Rent a Tent CAMPERVANS There are a limited number of locations for Camper Vans. These locations do not …

What to bring

On this page you can find all you need to prepare for the European Yoga Festival PLAN FOR THE WEATHER! MOBILES AND WIFI ESSENTIALS …

How to get there

The “Domaine of Jambville” is a beautiful 52 hectares of meadows and forest surrounded by the French traditional countryside, which will host the European …