The European Yoga Festival is more than a moment to learn and practice, it is the gathering of the Community and an Experience

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There is something for you

Join one of the Workshops of the Programme … in the Morning and the Afternoon

Concerts & Musical Moments

Music is part of the Kundalini Yoga culture it vibrates throughout the day

Aquarian Sadhana

Start the day with Japji, Kundalini Yoga Kriya, and a series of meditations

Opportunities to Meditate throughout the day, from early morning to evening

Red Tent, Bleu Hutt, Rainbow Tent… Sacred Circles at the EYF

The opportunity to gather, connect and listen to the sacred words

An amazing detox diet full of spices that supports the Yogic Practice


Shop from original brands every day at after dinner and before the next workshops

The Yoga Festival Diet

The diet at the Yoga Festival was given by Yogi Bhajan, based his own recipes. The purpose of the yoga festival diet is to …


The Door to the Guru Gurdwara literally means ‘the door to the Guru’. It represents the threshold between the finite and the Infinite. The …


Introduction about the different tents For Women Red Tent, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding For LGBTQA+ Rainbow Tent

Rainbow Tent


Morning and Afternoon Karma Yoga Groups

Each participant joins a Missel group to organize their Seva at the EYF.

Concerts and Musical Moments