Welcome to the European Yoga Festival !

Sat Naam Stay Tuned we will meet next year

from 5th to 13th August

Save the Date we will come up with more information soon

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The European Yoga Festival is an opportunity for transformation on all levels:

☉ Physical cleansing through a yogic diet and yogic practice

☉ Mental purification through Sadhana and Meditation

☉ Spiritual uplifting through Karma Yoga and Community

We are happy to welcome newcomers as well as all the participants, who come since years.

Join us in a wonderful spiritual experience

2022 Programme

Together … after 2 years online. A new site, a historical Festival, a sacred space for healing, and a community that joins in the same vibration.

Covid-19 Measures

Let’s create together a safe space where we can finally gather after 2 years and with consciousness apply all the known measures that we can to be well and make everyone safe around us.

A bit of History

It is the brightest fire of the year, June 21; the longest day; the shortest night; a time spiritual communities have celebrated for thousands of years.

Ethics, Codes of Excellence and Eco Conscious

The EYF 2022 full Programme will be ready 15 days before the festival.

As we are moving to a more eco-friendly festival, make sure to download the pdf version or print if you need a paper version before arriving at the Venue of the Festival. We will not provide a printed version of the Programme.

We are happy to let you know that there will be free Wifi at the venue of the European Yoga Festival so you will have access to the online programme anytime.