> Payment Deadline June 15th <


The Bazaar consists of healers and vendors. Be part of the excitement to create the buzziest space of the whole festival, next to a forest, which is transformed into a rejuvenating healing zone. 


The Bazaar is not only a space for business. It’s a service to the community, to which we belong. Our vendors are expected to be participants of the festival during the day, before the sales start in the evening.


  • Acquire your festival ticket >>> Register
  • Apply for the Bazaar >>> Apply
  • Payment of the Bazaar fee (once you are permitted)


Booth set up by the festival (for vendors)

2×2 meter – 180€

4×2 meter – 360€

4×4 meter – 650 € (private space)

5×5 meter – 850€ (private space)

for details, click here

Booth set up by the festival (for healers)

2×3 meter – 230€

4×3 meter – 450€ (private space)

Electricity and lights included

Bringing & setting up your own Booth (for vendors/healers)

25€ per square meter 

Electricity included / lights not included

Read safety requirements here


Healers may offer their services all day long.

The marketplace for vendors opens at 5 pm and closes at 10 pm.

During Peace Prayer Day (last full day of the festival) everyone may open during the whole day.


For any further questions, please regard eyfbazaar@gmail.com