The Red Tent is part of an ancient tradition that has been carried on by women all over the world
for thousands of years. It inspired a global movement that has become increasingly visible in the
“West” since the 1990s. Red Tents (or Moon Huts) are sacred circles and community spaces
dedicated to women and women’s issues. They are an intergenerational life school of womanhood
in harmony with cyclical nature and a Temple of the Divine Feminine. The Red Tent is a
remembrance to honor the sacredness of our body temples, rest in times of bleeding, share
women’s wisdom and connect with sisterhood. It is a Home of physical, mental and spiritual

In the Red Tent of the festival, workshops on women’s topics for all ages are held mornings and
afternoons – covering the whole spectrum from the initiation into womanhood with the first bleeding
to the second spring of a woman in menopause. There is also a quiet nest space to resource at
any time of the day. Come and ask for sweet almonds to support your body during your moon
phase. You also find different herbal women’s tea, a yoni steam bath and a daily sisters’ Chai Time
at 6pm.

The Red Tent is not a place to offer paid individual sessions.