Welcome to the Silver tent! Whether your spine is stiff, you are temporarily physically challenged or your body is no longer in harmony, it is here that you will find again the joy of being in movement.

The Silver tent offers Kundalini Yoga classes on a chair. Lead by Raghurai Singh an expert Kundalini Yoga teacher and trainer, specialised in Kundalini chair based you will find here a new start to your practise.

Kundalini Chair-Based YogaBased and Inspired by Yogi Bhajan Teachings

When you reach forty, you decline, not because there must be a decline, but because you have not taught yourself self-discipline. You did not become your own teacher. – Y.B.

The ageing process is inevitable, but many yoga masters will tell you that if your spine is inflexible and stiff at 30, you are ageing fast. If it becomes flexible and bendy at 60, you will keep young and agile. 

Silver Age Kundalini Chair-Based Yoga can show you how to practice and teach older adults and people with some mobility problems. It can help them become more flexible and slow down the ageing process.