The Festival has always been a place of discovery. The teachers and musicians of our community have grown with the festival and so did the EYF. They are essential members of our international gathering and represent the diversity of our global sangat.

The application for Teaching and perform will go live in March

A message from Indi our programme coordinator:

“Our new vision is to put the sangat and the communities they serve, back at the centre of the festival, to enable us to develop skills that are relevant to the time and space we find ourselves in, so it can become a vaster centre of learning for the community. Our goal will be to provide the knowledge, resources and networks to meet the challenges and issues we are facing in our everyday lives, and the lives of the communities we serve.

In addition to teaching yoga, there is a need to go beyond, towards a more diverse range of Aquarian disciplines, to build broader skills sets to meet these challenges, and to achieve a new level of mastery in the sangat, from the ground up.

This will include workshops, courses and roundtable discussions that offer knowledge and training in a number of key subject areas, split broadly across Happy, Healthy and Holy:

Healthy – related to the body:
e.g. Yogic diet & lifestyle, Ayurveda & Natural medicine, Healing, Martial Arts, Growing food

Happy – related to the mind:
e.g. Living in community, Self Sufficiency, Educating Children, Mental health issues (eg. depression, suicide), Business mentoring

Holy – related to the spirit:
e.g. Meditation, Music/Naad/Vibration, Spiritual discourse, Silence, Deep connection

This list is not final and will develop and evolve over time as feedback comes in from the sangat, so please share your thoughts on any subject areas you feel might be relevant to the needs of the community, and do apply, even if you feel it doesn’t fit with the above categories.

This is a long term vision and our aim will be to facilitate year long learning after each festival in collaboration with 3HO Europe connecting students with teachers, so we come back a wiser and more experienced sangat year after year, and grow in our collective mastery and sovereignty.

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Share the teachings in the Morning or in the Afternoon Workshops time


Lead part of the Aquarian Age Sadhana, share the stage with your peers

Evening Programme

Everyday in the Sadhana Field a class for the whole festival participants


Participate at Sadhana, Workshops and/or Evening Concert