Do’s & Don’ts

Group gatherings always necessitate the establishment of rules. 

We kindly request your conscious adherence to these guidelines to ensure a harmonious environment for all. The following Do’s and Don’ts have been refined over the years based on our collective experiences. Our deepest aspiration is for everyone to embody the consciousness expected of individuals identifying as yogis.

In summary:

  • Strictly NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL ALLOWED. Immediate expulsion will be enforced upon any violation;
  • As the site is situated within a village, please refrain from making noise between 10 PM and 7:30 AM;
  • Clean your dishes in designated areas and avoid washing them at water stations;
  • Given that this is a scout camp with children present, kindly respect our hosts and refrain from public nudity;
  • While we appreciate your love for nature, please utilize the provided toilets rather than the surrounding forest;
  • Avoid bringing unnecessary valuables to the camp;
  • Be mindful of wasps on the premises; help maintain a clean camp by disposing of food waste properly to deter them. If you come across any nests, kindly address them before the wasps become a nuisance;
  • In case of any allergies, please promptly inform the First Aid team;
  • Please be aware that the property is not exclusive to us; certain areas are off-limits. You can refer to the general maps for permissible zones. There will be Scouts activities taking place concurrently; we kindly ask you to respect their privacy and avoid entering their designated areas;
  • Furthemore, access is not permitted in the self-service area, the gazebo near the entrance, the Jambville staff offices, or any private residential buildings on the site.