The European Yoga Festival is a safe and welcoming place for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

We recognise that pregnant and breastfeeding women are already doing full time service for their little one. As such, you do not need to sign up for another Karma yoga missel – we have a created a pregnancy/breastfeeding missel group just for you!

Please join these morning meetings, so we can support you with tips about where to get non-spicy food and extra snacks, where the warm showers are, the best bathrooms, how best to approach the Tantra Days. The Red Tent is also there to support you throughout the day.

Yogi Bhajan honoured every aspect of womanhood, and the 120th day of pregnancy is an important day to celebrate. On that day we welcome the soul entering the womb of the mother and bless the mother with chanting, food and presents. Please let your missel leader know if you will be here on your 120th day.