Terms of Service

Terms of Service

A few Miscellaneous Guidelines

Please read and agree to the following

Please read and agree to the following:

1. I acknowledge that instructions from staff of the European Yoga Festival are to be followed at all times in order to maintain the safety and security of all participants.

2. I understand that by becoming a member or by extending my membership to the 3HO Europe Foundation, I am entitled to participate at the European Yoga Festival held yearly, and I am subscribed to the 3HO Europe Newsletter.

3. The membership of the 3HO Europe Foundation is for the current year from July 1st 2023 to June 30th 2024.

4. If a recording, for example by photo or video, of a group event should show me, I consent to the reproduction and any other use of this recording for any purposes of the 3HO Europe Foundation and the European Yoga Festival.

5. I reserve the right to withdraw this consent. In this case the 3HO Europe Foundation will stop using this material after a period of twelve months beginning from when it received notice of such withdrawal.

6. I confirm that I have the right to enter into this Agreement freely, that I am not restricted by any commitments to the parties, and that there is no financial commitment or obligations to me as a result of this Agreement.

7. I hereby give up all rights, copyright and otherwise, for use of my name, likeness, image, voice, appearance and performance for any purpose the 3HO Europe Foundation and the European Yoga Festival see fit

8. I expressly release and indemnify 3HO Europe Foundation, the European Yoga Festival and its officers, employees, agents and designees from any and all claims known and unknown arising out of, or in any way connected with the above granted uses and representations.

9. The rights granted herein are perpetual and worldwide.

10. I take responsibility for myself (and any person under 18 years old accompanying me) to apply the safety rules that the European Yoga Festival and 3HO Europe Foundation are implementing for the safety and security of all participants.

11. Given the sanitary situation I take responsibility for myself and my family’s health condition. I agree to comply with the authorities’ requirements during the European Yoga Festival.

12. I have read and agree to abide by the rules and purpose of the European Yoga Festival and the 3HO Europe Foundation. I can find full information on https://europeanyogafestival.eu and www.3ho-europe.org

13. Cancellation Terms:

     A – If you decide to cancel before 5th July 2023 – You will be 100% refunded of the amount you paid.

     B – If you decide to cancel between 5th July 2023 and 7 days before the festival start date – before 29 July 2023 – You will only be 50% refunded of the amount you paid.

     C – If you cancel between 29 July 2023 and the festival start – You will only be 25% refunded of the amount you paid.

     D – If you decide to cancel after festival start  – You will not be eligible for any refund.

All dates are calculated in CET – Central European Time.

If you wish to cancel, please send us an email to accounts(at)3ho-europe.org stating the full reason for your cancellation.

The date and time of your email will be used as proof of the cancellation date and time.


To help us all get up for sadhana which starts at 4am each morning, the camp has a quiet time from 10PM every evening. Please respect these times.


We highly recommend trying a digital detox during the 7 days of the festival.

If you must use your phone, please be discreet and respect that the festival site is a sacred healing site.

If you want to record workshops, it is advisable to contact the workshop leader beforehand and get their permission.

Please charge your phone only at the designated cell phone charging stations located at the festival entrance. We still recommend leaving laptops at home.


We encourage you to photograph and share your experiences at the festival. However, we ask that you follow your intuition as to what/when is appropriate to photograph and what might be perceived as intrusive by others. Please remember this is a sacred place and healing time for many who may not wish to be photographed. And please be sensitive and do not photograph children. We want to create a safe place where everyone at EYF can just BE, especially during the Tunnel of Love.


To create a visually peaceful event and reduce paper waste, we operate a no-flyer policy at the festival. Therefore, posting postcards or posters on the festival site, including distributing flyers to people in the sadhana field or posting them on car windows in the parking lot, is not permitted.