Preteens’ camp meets in the same area as the Children’s camp, but has their own programme and their own Coordinator and guides leading the group. As in Children’s camp, they tend to be grouped into language groups, so they can more easily make friends in their own language.

The first four days of camp include a schedule with a mixture of yoga, free play, and workshops in the morning and afternoon

This age group feels too old to be part of the children’s programme, but they are not yet ready to be in teens’ camp. Therefore we created the pre-teens program, a more mature variation of the children’s camp.

On two of the three Tantric days, there will be outings (see Tantric Days field trips).

General Schedule

Preteens’ camp is open from 9:15 – 16:00.

On the final day of Camp, Peace Prayer Day, Preteens’ Camp will close after lunch.