3HO Europe is a membership organization

The payment of your membership includes:

  • One year Membership from July 1st to June 30th of the following year and ends automatically without notice
  • Your participation in our most important event of the year, the European Yoga Festival in France with all the workshops,Youth camps, White Tantric Yoga, Nest tents and meals for the duration of the European Yoga Festival.
  • 3HO Europe Newsletter.

3ho Europe membership does not include :

  • Membership in the National Kundalini Yoga Teacher Associations (NKYTA)
  • Membership in the International Kundalini Yoga Association (IKYTA)
  • Membership in the Federation Francaise de Kundalini Yoga (FFKY)

Membership is valid one year from the first date of payment: July 1st 2023 to June 30th 2024

Note from the organisers: This year is a key year for the EYF.

Com a inflação actual, dois anos sem rendimentos, precisamos de vigiar os nossos gastos para que o FEJ possa servi-lo em 2024 e mais além. 

Aumentamos os nossos honorários, que foram muito baixos durante muitos anos, a fim de fazer face às despesas que o EYF tem de enfrentar. 

Precisamos da sua confiança e apoio para continuar. O festival do ano passado foi deliberadamente feito com prejuízo porque não queríamos deixar o nosso sangat durante 3 anos sem estarmos juntos, não poderemos fazer outro festival com um défice.

Membership includes: Participation at the European Yoga Festival’s full programme,White tantric,Food, Kids camps, Nests tents.

Taxas de adesão 2023RegularEarly Bird (10% discount)
Adulto + 3 dias WTY€680€612
*Estudante / MPA + 3 dias WTY€480€432
*Adolescente + 3 dias WTY€400€360

* Toddlers: Age 0 – 2 years
* Child: Age 3 – 12 years. *Family of four, the fourth child is free of charge
* Teen: Age 13 – 18 years
* Students Please bring your certificate

  • Acampamentos de Jovens,(these are included in the EYF fees) You need to register your child onsite. It is important that your child is registered right from the beginning of the festival.
  • Ave precoce O desconto começa em 8 de Março 2023 e termina em 30 de Abril de 2023 
  • O registo inicia-se a 8 de Março termina em 25 de Julho de 2023
  • Want to work at the EYF for up to 50% discount? – Wait until May 1st 2023 and only then register and pay. Please note: if you register before May 1st 2023 you will not be eligible for a work exchange. Keep your registration number to apply within the area you wish to work for. You will then be contacted and offered a position.
  • Alojamentos: Find here
  • Cancelamento: Membership can be cancelled and fully refunded until July 5th 2023. Then only 50% refund until the festival begins. No refund once the festival has started. Please send your refund request to:
  • Physically challenged people get a 20% discount. Please contact:
  • Não é possível registar-se online? Please contact:
  • Want to attend White Tantric only? Registration starts on July 1st. fees: €540 (includes camping, food and 3 days of White Tantric)please