Lakhmi Chand Singh

2 days to awaken the Inner Healer

Awaken the Healing Soul. In this workshop you will learn a new vision of the healer adapted to these times. During 4 days we will do a complete job.
Day by day you will learn how to open the divine and subtle space, the most important steps that form the basis for any healing. We will talk about the 5 elements in healing and the 3 laws of the healer.
As you progress you will be able to give and receive healing while learning simple and powerful techniques that will help you connect with the di

Teacher's bio

Sat Nam, I am Lakhmi Chand healer and yoga practitioner. He is the founder of the 1st School of Healing Hand (Yogic Massage) in Europe since 2012. He currently teaches training courses on healing and yogic massage. In addition, I have been a Kundalini teacher for 19 years and I have been part of KRI as an associate trainer until 2 years ago. My mission is to inspire people to join their divine purpose and lovingly serve the will of God.