The Sound of the White Iris

2 parts : morning (1h30) and evening (45min)

I would like to offer a 4 day discovery workshop on the use of singing bowls for children. The daily group is made up of 8 children (32 children in 4 days). Each day the workshop is divided in 2 parts: 1h30 in the morning (learning) and 45min in the evening (offering/practicing) by proposing a real relaxation session for the children’s parents. The goal is that at the end of the festival, all the children who participated in the workshops will offer a collective sound relaxation session for all.

Teacher's bio

My name is Florentina and « The Sound of the White Iris » is a project through which I explore the Sound current from a global perspective by using sound, intuitive and vibratory musical instruments. The singing bowls offer, thanks to a very rich harmonic palette, the possibility of focusing on the present moment, of becoming more aware of the movement of thoughts, emotions and sensations of the body. Through the sound we can open a connection whit our Higher Sefl and develop our Inner Self.