21 Stages – Day 3

Workshop date: Saturday, 6 August
Workshop time: All day

In this day’s journey, still in the positive mind’s realm, we will humbly bow to the universe, uplift ourselves and gain deep insights of our path to enlightenment.

Teacher's bio

Jiwan Shakti Kaur is a teacher and trainer of Kundalini Yoga. Being ours, on this planet, a human experience, the center of her studies has always been the human body. In the last 30 years she has addressed this topic from different angles. Deep knowledge of KY, a scientific attitude, an extraordinary capacity for communication give her the ability to reach everyone. She taught in Europe, North Africa, Argentina. She is co-founder and Creative Director of SunGalaa, Educational Institute for Yoga & Good Life. Sohan Kaur is Lead Trainer for Kundalini Yoga. She teaches and trains throughout Europe. As the co-founder of SunGalaa, she works on adapting the depth of the teachings into easily accessible forms for urban yogi:nis and a diverse audience, handing on the yogic tools to help with the challenges of the times. Sohan offers consultations, based on psychological counselling and Karam Kriya. Empowering to unlock the power of the mind, meditation is a key ingredient in her approach.