Devta Singh

3 – Positive mind – your working mind – 7th @ 14h @ Fallen Tree

Workshop date: Monday, 7 August
Workshop time: Afternoon (14:00-16:00)

The positive mind is the mind that wants to be busy, it is the active mind, the helper that always looks for something to affirm. But it needs to be directed and trained, otherwise its tendency is simply to affirm anything and everything. We will look at: Why training of the positive mind is important? What are its characteristics? When are you in control? How to train and engage it?

Come and learn about your positive mind, its tendencies and learn to make it work FOR YOU!

Teacher's bio

Devta Singh is a Karam Kriya Consultant, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer (KRI). Together with his family he lives in Portugal and serves the community as part of the Association Ram Dass Guru. He speaks German, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.