Siri Prakash

Aligning with Divine Timing and Divine Space

Workshop date: Tuesday, 8 August
Workshop time: Afternoon (14:00-16:00)

The world pulses energy, creativity, power, and magic playing together in a beautiful harmony of timing and flow. Learn to attune yourself with the biorhythm of the planets, understanding their tattvas, language & cycles. Learn techniques to generate strength and healing by connecting to the energy grid of the earth making use of the magnetic field using techniques of Vastu. Practice purifying exercises & pranayama to release the blockages of the Nadis, opening the channels to source energy.

Teacher's bio

Siri Prakash is a Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Teacher Trainer and founder of the Golden Shield Institute. Teaching across ten countries over the last 20 years with a grounded focus in vedic and yogic sciences. Helping to guide people in their growth and challenges to realize their full potential and set themselves free.