Amarpal Singh

Astrological Yoga

By practicing different breath patterns, rhythmic walks and concentration, you will be guided to experience the energy frequencies of the Sun/Moon and Mars/Venus planetary archetypes as seen in your birth chart.
You will discover how to read your energy better and tune empathically to others, as well as consciously shift your energy frequency by changing your breath, adjusting your posture and refining your body awareness, which will help you establish more flexible boundaries.

Teacher's bio

Amarpal has been a meditator and student of perennial wisdom since his youth in California. He studied literature, philosophy and counseling psychology at university and now works as an integral psychotherapist, evolutionary astrologer and KY teacher. He enjoys guiding people through the hidden depths of their psyches and accompanying them as they discover, accept and integrate subconscious parts. He lives at Anima Mundi, a Center for Art, Ecology and Consciousness in Argentina.