Basic Asanas (to strength the meditation posture)

The basics asanas workshop is a body physical approach of yoga, taking source in Hatha Yoga Asanas. The workshop have 2 parts :
1/ Surya Namaskara : the sun salutation. This cycle is usefull to stretch and strength your anatomy and to prepare a balance breathing.
2/ Basics Asanas : some basics postures are technically demonstrate step by step. The focus are on posture to strength the back, stretch the legs, open the lungh and improve the blood circulation.

Teacher's bio

My name is Lakshmi, i am french, I work and life in Paris. I practice yoga since 8 years, and recently come back from a life in a traditional ashram in India. I have assist workshops in Bali, India, California and France. I currently teach hatha yoga in Paris in the compagny.