Dr. Haridass Kaur

Crystal Clear Radiance

Take a deep dive into your inner well-spring of luminosity by becoming crystal clear.
During the Solstice window, vast amounts of pranic energy is released within the cosmos stimulating our 10 bodies activating our potential where we can make quantum leaps of change.
When our 10 bodies are strengthened and refined our energy and cosmic energy become aligned and readily available. We experience ourselves and others more fully.

Teacher's bio

My passion is teaching people how to access and activate their wisdom, strength, joy and personal freedom. By systematically eliminating the accumulated negative patterning, I teach how to skillfully redirect thought patterns and habits so you can identify, assess, accept, confront, and elevate your life. Discover your authentic self and make decisions that support your vision and destiny. It's time to build yourself from the inside out. Allow your infinite light to shine.