Johanna HariSant

Being Radiant You

Torch Of Light
As a women you have so much to heal and so much to discover. Your strength your ability to create and your connection to the divine.
Your strength is your gift to heal the world. Connecting to your navel and practices that will test your nervous system will prepare you for the challenges of these time. We become resilient and ready to step up for our daughters and our daughters daughters. We tap into our innate intention to maintain happy, Healthy and holy.

Teacher's bio

I am a Kundalini Teacher, Vegan Chef and Reikimaster. I hold space for women circles online and in person and women kundalini yoga retreats all over the world. In September 2023 im on the board of assistant teachers at the KRI immersion in Bali. I'm the founder of HariSant Harmony a company that is based on Happy, Healthy Holy. In the sense of yoga, divine food and healing. I have overcome my own addiction with alcohol and drugs with Kundalini Yoga.