Daria Chadaj

Connect Hawaiian Huna wisdom and Kundalini Yoga.

I would take on a journey through Hawaii. You will learn the secrets of the "Huna" knowledge. We will see that practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation, we can learn the importance of the connection between traditional wisdom of the ancestors and use it in everyday life.Huna" teaches us how to connect with this wisdom through deep meditation and contact with our internal wisdom. In Kundalini Yoga as well we discovering energy, which also contains information and wisdom daily practicing kryjas.

Teacher's bio

Daria has been practicing yoga since 2000. She started with Hatha Yoga through Ashtanga, traveling around India and Nepal. In 2018 She discovered Kundalini yoga. I obtained a certificate of completion of a teacher training in New Mexico, USA. In 2019, She completed program "Beyond Addiction" Kundalini Yoga in therapeutic work with addictions. Since 2004 Daria has been living in Hawaii where She is combines kundalini yoga and knowledge of HUNA in her practice and profesional life.