Charan Kamal Kaur - Netherlands

Creating Rites of Passages

Workshop date: Tuesday, 8 August
Workshop time: Morning (11:00-13:00)

Whether you are a young woman bleeding for the first time, or the mature wisdom that old age give you. Women from all stages of life have innate capacity to create their own ritual to mark an important moment in life. During this creative workshop, we will collectively explore what is needed for a meaningful ritual. What are the essential ingredients? What qualities and skills are needed? And maybe, we might even create an unforgettable experience ….

Teacher's bio

In tribal communities all over the world, important life events where celebrated with ritual and ceremony. These rites of passages served the individual transformation as well as the community at large. This workshop is initiated by Charan Kamal Kaur from the Netherlands but set up as a collective effort to create meaningful ritual, specifically in the life of women. Charan Kamal is Teacher, Doula and Trainer and passionate about gardening and herbs.